FAQ on Currency Derivatives

  • Answer 1

    What is Currency trading?

  • Answer 2

    Why do we have Exchange Traded Currency Derivatives?

  • Answer 3

    What are Exchange Traded Currency Futures?

  • Answer 4

    What is a Currency Futures contract?

  • Answer 5

    What is an OTC Market?

  • Answer 6

    Who can participate in the Currency Futures market?

  • Answer 7

    Can Currency Futures help small traders?

  • Answer 8

    I do not have any exposure to Forex risk. Does a Currency Futures exchange mean anything to me?

  • Answer 9

    How do Exchange Traded Currency Futures enable hedging against Currency risk?

  • Answer 10

    What are the risks involved in the Currency Futures market?

  • Answer 11

    What are the factors that affect the exchange rate of Currencies?

  • Answer 12

    What Currencies can be traded on the Exchanges?

  • Answer 13

    How do I start trading at Alpari (India)?

  • Answer 14

    Why trade Currency Futures?

  • Answer 15

    What is a Currency Forward contract?

  • Answer 16

    What does Currency appreciation and depreciation mean?

  • Answer 17

    How volatile is the Indian Forex market?

  • Answer 18

    What is counter-party or credit risk?

  • Answer 19

    What is the settlement price?

  • Answer 20

    When does a Currency Futures contract expire?

  • Answer 21

    What types of margins are levied on trades?

  • Answer 22

    What is the Initial Margin?

  • Answer 23

    What is the Extreme Loss Margin?

  • Answer 24

    What is the Calendar Spread Margin?

  • Answer 25

    What is the Mark-to-Market Margin?

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